About Us

We are on the button. We make theatre that moves. We are drawn to stories that go unheard: people who are ignored, voices of dissent, perspectives which are new to us.

Our work is physical (we trained at the Lecoq school in Paris); we work as an ensemble, which means we devise together and work as a team throughout each project. All our shows are different: it is the ensemble who find the right theatrical language with which to tell the story.

We’ve been nominated for best new play at the Buxton Fringe in 2012 (The Overcoat) and been given Best Ensemble at The Mimetic Festival 2013 (No Place Like).

We’ve recently had a name change- don’t be alarmed!- from Le Mot Juste to on the button. We hope you like it.

Sophie Winter:

Sophie is a London based theatre maker and musician who graduated from The Ecole Jacques Lecoq in 2011. Her credits include Red Handed Theatre Company, Upstart Theatre, Ice and Fire Theatre Company and Forest Forge Theatre. As a director she has worked with Longborough Festival Opera and Yellow Earth Theatre.

Ben Hadley: 

Ben spent two years touring as an actor throughout the UK, France and Germany after graduating from Cambridge.  In 2008, he co-founded Blotto Theatre and devised and played in several adaptations as well as continuing to work with other companies.  In 2012, Ben graduated from the Ecole Jacques Lecoq. He tweets as @a_documentarian and writes a blog documenting the world. He also works as a professional translator.