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on the button regularly collaborate with London Brain Project, a not-for-profit organisation which aims to engage the public with brain sciences and mental health through the arts. LBP was founded by a group of three developmental cognitive neuroscientists and one artist, with a shared passion for engaging the public with brain science. Their ‘Beyond’ series has so far explored Epilepsy, Tourette’s syndrome and brain injury in childhood. These projects highlight key themes about often misunderstood brain conditions.  Below are some of our latest collaborations!

Developed with funding from Polka Theatre as part of their Brain Waves Festival

It’s 5’o’ clock in the morning.
Everybody at the International Space Agency has been up all night, preparing for the big lift off.
Jude hasn’t been able to sleep – the call comes through.
‘We’re ready. Take off in twenty minutes’.

Using puppetry, singing and games, on the button explore what it feels like to have a brain injury. Finding links between outer space and the brain, and led by two Space Doctors, Dr Baffle and Dr Branston, on the button encourage primary school children to imagine what life might be like for young people who have a brain injury.

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This workshop has now been developed further with the help and support of The Biomedical research Council at Great Ormond Street Hospital and will be touring around primary schools in Spring 2019. For more information, visit here.


Witty Ticcy Ray

on the button made a series of workshops and a short performance based around Witty Ticcy Ray from Oliver Sacks’ best- selling book, The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat and conversations had with young people who have Tourette’s Syndrome.
Set in the sixties’ New-York Jazz scene, where Ray is a talented weekend drummer, the story wass fuelled by musicality and rhythm: the atypical rhythms of Ray’s Tourette’s, the slow, sedated rhythms induced by medication, and the wild rhythms of jazz drumming which plays a central part in his life.

In May 2014, the company performed a scratch of the work created, and invited people who had inspired our research to take part in a discussion panel.

Credits: Lexi Bradburn / Alex Lehman / Joe White / Sophie Winter
Director: Ben Hadley
Producer: Irene Paganelli
Sound designer: Jon McLeod
Set Designer: Carys Beard

With thanks to: Isobel Heyman and Tara Murphy of Great Ormond Street Hospital and Ruth Ojadi from Tourettes Action and London Brain Project

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