We’ve got a new show!

Captain Jude and the Shadow Planet
A show for 7-11 year olds


Intrepid space explorers Captain Jude Starbeam and his sister, Major Nix,
Set out to find the mythical Sunstar plant – but the mission goes wrong.
Jude is sucked into a black hole, and is stranded on a shadow planet…
Nix searches the universe to find him, but when she does, he has changed:
will they ever be able to fly through space together again?

Young astronaut Captain Jude Starbeam has an accident whilst playing with his sister Major Nix. In his mind he is catapulted through space to a faraway planet, while in reality he is taken to hospital to recover from a brain injury.  Inspired by stories of young people growing up with a brain injury, Jude Starbeam and the Shadow Planet is a challenging and exciting new production about how two the siblings come to terms with this trauma.

The show is supported by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) Biomedical Research Centre and Arts Council England

We’ll be performing for a week at The Albany in Deptford in February – come see us!

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